Things to do in Norfolk when you’re 1 and 3: Hang out in Holkham

We spent a week in Norfolk back at the end of June/beginning of July and one of the things everyone told us we must do was pay a visit to Holkham Hall and Holkham beach and so of course, we did!


I must confess that we didn’t do the whole ‘visit a stately home’ thing – after all, we did have a one year old and a three year old in tow – so we kept it simple and spent our time at Holkham doing three things: (1) having fun in the adventure playground; (2) picnicking in the enormous and sprawling grounds and (3) getting sandy in the dunes at the beach.

What an utterly beautiful place!


Some things it benefits nobody to mention or go into any detail on… we did have to keep a close eye on Claudia running around on the grass in the shadow of Holkham Hall as there was a not insignificant amount of deer poo on the the lawns and she does have a tendency to pick things up and put them in her mouth (I think we avoided any poo snacking thank the Lord).  Continuing on the poo theme, let’s just say that given the vast expanse of Holkham beach, a beach where all you can see for miles and miles and miles is sand and dunes and the waves lapping the shore, it’s not the ideal place for your almost 3.5 year old to exclaim “POO MUMMY” and seconds later before you’ve had a chance to come up with a genius plan “it’s okay mummy, the poo’s coming”.  It’s amazing what you learn to just take in your stride when you become a parent isn’t it?

Anyway, for the concerned among you, let me just reassure that we did not leave any traces of our visit behind on the beach… we were model citizens.

So, Holkham… still utterly beautiful and highly recommended if you’re out Norfolk way.

H4 H3 H2 h1


H2 H1


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