Don’t get me wrong, baby toddler Claudia is CERTAINLY more than capable of throwing a tantrum.  At 18 months, she’s perfected the art of falling to the floor, face down and screaming the house down if she doesn’t get her own way.  Little madam.  I fear she may have inherited my disposition… Oh dear.  But one of the things that really strikes me on a daily basis about this littlest one of mine, is just what a happy little soul she is and when she’s laughing with sheer abandon, head thrown back and body shaking with a huge fit of the giggles, it has this amazing affect on me.  No matter what is on my mind, no matter how stressed out or distracted I might be feeling, tired or longing for a moment alone to go to the loo, literally my head empties and all I can see, all I can hear is her face and her laughter.


She is the embodiment of a ray of sunshine.

How very lucky am I.


To have this special little lady in my life.  To have two very special little ladies in my life.

But this littlest one, the one that I wasn’t really prepared for.

Here she is, making our family feel complete and bringing with her so much love for us all and bringing out so much love from all of us.

She is well and truly a sunbeam.


To see the happiness on her face, that she lis full of innocence, full of love, it fills me with happiness in turn.  I wish she could always be this way.  It makes me sad to think that she won’t be – that one day someone will make a mean remark that will make her feel bad, that a boy may break her heart, but until that time, I will cherish every happy face and every moment of laughter, I will try my very best to fill her childhood with happiness and laughter and I will be there for her in the future, in those moments when laughter may be the furthest thing from her mind.


Love you always Claudia Rose xoxo


4 thoughts on “Sunbeam

  1. Ah this is gorgeous- she looks like the most happy little thing. Kind of like my LL- I often look at her and think how lucky I am to have such a happy, delightful little girl. xx

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