On a break

So, me and the blog, we’ve been on a bit of a break.

I didn’t post my last post with the intention of taking 6 weeks off, but somehow in between holidays and enjoying the Summer, usual work craziness and general running around like a loon after the two bubbas, it seems that the blog and I have been taking some time out from each other.

There’s much to catch up on.  Much to write up.  Tales of our recent adventures in Somerset, the New Forest, at Leeds Castle and in Italy.  There’s many a review waiting to be written up and published (sorry all those waiting on them, bit of a back-log… normal service to soon be resumed!).  Then there’s stuff to update on the girls and work and changing times – all good.  Plus the million and one other musings trapped in my head that I need to get tappity-tapping out on my keyboard…

I’d better get to it!

Oh and also… there’s the small matter of me deciding, possibly foolishly given that I have zero technical ability and knowledge, to shift this blog to being ‘self-hosted’ (for all you non bloggers out there that will mean nought and I’m not smart enough to quite explain the ins/outs of why this is potentially a good thing for me to do, sorry!).  So watch this space for the RichmondMummy.com re-launch!  I’m hoping if I can navigate my way through the techie stuff then I may be coming back at you with a new look, new feel blog that will see me back at it and writing with renewed enthusiasm after what feels like a long-old hiatus.

In the meantime, here are some pics of what we’ve been getting up to these past 6 weeks… no wonder there’s been no time for blogging!





It was a little bit exciting to take a me and the Mr trip back to Babington House


We had a fab weekend at The Pig in the New Forest and enjoyed much hammock swinging!


I went to Venice for work, enjoyed a few Aperol Spritz and got to meet Jude Law! (yes, REALLY!!)


And then these three came out to join me in Venice and we embarked on a fab holiday in Italia


Where we spent a week in Lake Garda (stunning!)


Before visiting family just south of Rome

2 thoughts on “On a break

  1. Looks like you have been having a busy but amazing time recently- I miss you when you don’t post! Love the photo of you jumping on the bed! x

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