003Hi, I’m Bianca – aka Richmond Mummy.  I’m a very proud mummy to a beautiful, smart little girl called Allegra (aka Richmond Baby Toddler Pre Schooler!) who’s turned 3 years old in February and a mischievous, smiley, cuddly little toddler, Claudia, who’s 1.

I started this blog back in January 2011, when I was awaiting the arrival of Richmond Baby #1, she ended up being 2-weeks late, so I had a fair bit of time on my hands.  Now I have no time on my hands but nonetheless I aim to cram in being a mummy, being a blogger, and working 3-days a week in a pretty demanding, but enjoyable job.  Oh, and occasionally I remember to be a wife too and to phone my mum (although probably I don’t do that often enough, sorry mum!).  There’s never enough time though is there?!


Things that make me happy include: my beautiful girls (most of the time!), my lovely husband (most of the time!) and gorgeous family and friends (all of the time!); plus delicious food, happy sunny holidays (but not when it’s too hot!), French/shabby chic style interiors, neatness, wine, chocolate (obvs), strolling in Richmond Park with my family and snoozing whenever I get the chance (which is not enough!).

This blog is my little space in the world to record my life and times and memories, good and bad, with my little family and a place where I can indulge in my love of writing and over-sharing!

I am a member of BritMums and I am open to invites to review products and services – as long as they are relevant for me and/or my little ones.  I am proud to blog with integrity and always give my honest opinion on any brand or company.  Please do not approach me about guest posts as I don’t publish them.

If you would like to get in touch, please email me at: biancatheresecox@gmail.com

You can also follow me on twitter @RichmondMummy and I’m on Facebook too – I would LOVE it if you would LIKE me 🙂

15 thoughts on “About/Contact

  1. You have a fantastic blog about your adventures in parenting. I myself have been keeping a blog of the journey of my son’s life. It is located at http://apparentstory.blogspot.com , if you would be interested in checking into it. This is Ironic that our interest in our children has lead us both to become bloggers about parenting in a sense, because I am your neighbor in cyber space so to speak. That is you own the domain richmondmummy.com and I own the domain richmonddaddy.com …… Alas, I have found you on google in the process of SEO for my own web site. I sincerely wish the best for you and your family. Great Luck! David

  2. Hi Bianca

    I have just been given your link by a media company who you have done a sponsored post for… I’m new to blogging and have been contacted by the same company to also do a post.
    As I’m new to this, I’m not really sure about the procedure so wondered if you could give me a bit of advice?
    Firstly, for fear of sounding dumb do I just write a relevant post with a link to their site? Do they pay us a fee and if so I have absolutely no idea where to start with that… If you have any advice or tips I would really appreciate your advice.
    great blog by the way and your house is beautiful 😉 I can’t believe you started your blog before you had your little one. How did you find time to write with a baby! I struggle and mine are at nursery 3 hrs a day 😉


    • Hi Lisa, thanks for getting in touch and for your kind words about my blog and my house 🙂 Re the sponsored post… yep, just write a post as you normally would and include a text link (that they give you), and that’s it. And yes, they pay a fee (usually via a paypal account, so you’d just need to set one up for yourself, which is super easy) for you writing the post. Normally they ask you to share the post for approval before you publish it (so they can check you haven’t written anything offensive or awful!!). Hope that helps 🙂
      Good luck xx

  3. Hello, just found your blog, I’m new to the UK and was just playing around on google and came across your post about grooming before baby number two. Needless to say, it put a pretty big smile on my face. I used to be a labor and delivery nurse and grooming is more important that some people (a LOT of Americans, apparently) seem to think. Anyway. Just wanted to say hey.


  4. Hi there, I am a friend of Grace CG & Julie H’s and they pointed me in the direction of your blog. Looking forward to having a read! Maybe see you at Britmums live…?

  5. So funny, Allegra is always going to be the name I secretly wish I’d chosen for my daughter….and only you know that, so keep that between us!! Love your girls names 🙂

  6. Love the blog. Twickenham Dad (not my blog handle, but if i start blogging it really should be) just voted for you in the BiB awards. Good luck.

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