Baby Diary

Claudia Rose, aka Richmond Baby #2, was born on 31st January 2013 – weighing a healthy 8lbs 6oz and making us a very happy family of four.  Here you can find my weekly diary written throughout her first year:

Introducing…. birth announcement

Week One… 31st Jan – 7th Feb 2013

Week Two… 8th Feb – 14th Feb 2013

Week Three… 15th Feb – 21st Feb 2013

Week Four… 22nd Feb – 28th Feb 2013

Week Five… 1st March – 7th March 2013

Week Six… 8th March – 14th March 2013

Claudia’s Birth Story… reflecting back on how CR came into the world

Week Seven… 15th March – 21st March 2013

Week Eight… 22nd March – 28th March 2013

Week Nine… 29th March – 4th April 2013

Week Ten… 5th April – 11th April 2013

Week Eleven… 12th April – 18 April 2013

Week Twelve… 19th April – 25th April 2013

Week Thirteen… 26th April – 2nd May 2013

Week Fourteen… 3rd May – 9th May 2013

Week Fifteen… 10th May – 16th May 2013

Week Sixteen… 17th May – 23rd May 2013

Week Seventeen… 24th May 2013 – 30th May 2013

Week Eighteen… 31st May 2013 – 6th June 2013

Week Nineteen… 7th June 2013 – 13 June 2013

Week Twenty… 14th June – 20th June 2013

Week Twenty-One… 21st – 27th June 2013

Week Twenty-Two… 28th June – 4th July 2013

Week Twenty-Three… 5th July – 11th July 2013

Week Twenty-Four… 12th July – 18th July 2013

Week Twenty-Five… 19th July – 25th July 2013

Week Twenty-Six… 26th July – 1st August 2013

Week Twenty-Seven… 2nd August – 8th August 2013

Week Twenty-Eight… 9th August – 15th August 2013

Week Twenty-Nine… 16th August – 22nd August 2013

Week Thirty… 23rd August – 29th August 2013

Week Thirty-One… 30th August – 5th September 2013

Week Thirty-Two… 6th September – 12th September 2013

Week Thirty-Three… 13th September – 19th September 2013

Week Thirty-Four… 20th September – 26th September 2013

Week Thirty-Five… 27th September – 3rd October 2013

Week Thirty-Six… 4th October – 10th October 2013

Week Thirty-Seven… 11th October – 17th October 2013

Week Thirty-Eight… 18th October – 24th October 2013

Week Thirty-Nine… 25th October – 31st October 2013

Week Forty… 1st November – 7th November 2013

Week Forty-One… 8th November – 14th November 2013

Week Forty-Two… 15th November – 21st November 2013

A poem for my baby girl:  Claudia, I love…

Week Forty-Three… 22nd November – 28th November 2013

Week Forty-Four… 29th November – 5th December 2013

10 things I’m having to drag my baby girl away from on a daily basis on loop

Week Forty-Five… 6th December – 12th December 2013

Week Forty-Six… 13th December – 19th December 2013

Week Forty-Seven… 20th December – 26th December 2013

Week Forty-Eight… 27th December 2013 – 2nd January 2014

Week Forty-Nine… 3rd January – 9th January 2014

Week Fifty… 10th January – 16th January 2014

Week Fifty-One… 17th January – 23rd January 2014

Claudia’s 1st Birthday! – baby’s first birthday, 31st January 2014

2 thoughts on “Baby Diary

  1. Hi,

    I see the picture of Claudia at the spa, I have been trying to find a float like that but cannot seem to get that type, only inflatable. Do you own this or was it from the spa? Any help woul dbe appreciated.

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