We were very lucky to welcome a new addition to the Richmond household on 31-1-13, baby Claudia Rose was born one week after her due date and is already a much loved and adored little girl, with a big sister who is obsessed and in love with her!  You can read my pregnancy related posts here:

Expecting… going public with the news of baby #2 at 21 weeks pregnant

Birth Plan… pondering whether to try for VBAC or elect for c-section for baby #2

What I Wore Weds – Pregnancy Style #1… trying to style it out in pregnancy!

What to Expect When You’re Expecting… musings at 30 weeks and a DVD giveaway

I’m off… the first day of maternity leave second time around, at 35 weeks

Whooping Cough – getting the jab… all about the frightening rise in cases of whooping cough in young babies and how important it is to get immunised while pregnant

Thoughts at (almost) 37 weeks pregnant… some of the things rushing through my mind with only 3-4 weeks left to go

Sisters… musings on a sibling relationship and Allegra becoming a big sister

Preparing… getting ready for baby number two

Decisions, decisions… approaching overdue, so what’s the plan:  VBAC vs. C-Section

Due Date… 40 weeks pregnant and no sign of bubba

Preparing for birth and the delicate matter of what to do vis a vis ones ‘lady garden’…. (pretty self explanatory!)

Little Boo… a letter to our new baby, written the night before her birth

Introducing Claudia Rose…  baby’s here at last!

Claudia’s birth story… written when baby was 6-weeks old, so reflecting back

I started this blog just before Allegra was born, so don’t really have any pregnancy related posts through my first pregnancy as I wasn’t blogging then.  However, here are a couple written just before she came into the world:

Bringing on baby… going overdue and trying to gee things along!

Elephant in the room… still overdue and bored!

Passing time… STILL overdue and trying to find ways to fill the time

Ready, steady… written the night before I went in to hospital to be induced to have Allegra

A whole new world… Allegra’s birth story

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